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Pollinations - AI Technology Solution

What is Pollinations?

Pollinations is a platform to generate media with the help of AI. Stable Diffusion Animation is a tool available on the platform that allows for the creation of customized, royalty-free pieces of audio, images, 3D objects and soon fully immersive 3D environments. The tool is easy to integrate into any website or community and can be tailored to the user’s needs. It is capable of creating animations inspired by iconic pieces of artwork such as those of Magritte, Dalí, and Munch.The user is able to customize the animation by adjusting the ‘Prompt Scale’, ‘Number of Frames per Prompt’, ‘Random Seed’, ‘Diffusion Steps’, ‘Width’, ‘Height’, and ‘Init Image Strength’. The ‘Prompt Scale’ determines the influence of the prompt on the animation’s generation, the ‘Number of Frames per Prompt’ is limited to a maximum of 15, the ‘Random Seed’ generates different images, and the ‘Diffusion Steps’ determines the number of diffusion steps used to create the animation. The ‘Width’ and ‘Height’ of the generated image are limited to 512×512 as the model was trained on this size. The ‘Init Image Strength’ determines how strongly the input image is applied in the animation.The tool is powered by Stability.AI and users can get in touch with the team at Pollinations for any questions or inquiries.

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