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PMcardio - AI Technology Solution

What is PMcardio?

PMcardio is an AI-powered medical device that assists doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It is a certified class IIb medical device that uses image recognition to digitize and reconstruct any 12-lead ECG. PMcardio can accurately diagnose 38 cardiovascular diseases and recommend the ideal course of treatment by combining patient parameters with its engine based on clinical practice guidelines. The platform allows doctors to create detailed ECG diagnostic reports by entering patient parameters and answering basic clinical questions. PMcardio’s engine provides recommendations for treatment based on the diagnostic report. The app also allows doctors to share their reports and consult with colleagues for more effective patient management directly within the app. Reports can also be exported from the app. PMcardio is available for download in Europe and has shown 5x better arrhythmia detection, 8x better heart attack detection, and 38% average improved diagnostic precision. The app can accurately interpret any ECG in less than 5 seconds making accurate diagnosis and treatment possible with just a mobile device.

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