Optimize Scaled demand generation for growth marketing.
Pixis - AI Technology Solution

What is Pixis?

Pixis offers a codeless AI infrastructure for growth marketing that helps brands scale their marketing efforts in a world of complex consumer behavior. The AI solutions provided by Pixis are purpose-built and designed to assist brands in scaling demand generation. Their targeting AI leverages neural networks to identify, expand, and convert audiences based on real-time brand engagement, user behavior, and market trends. It also enables the identification of new cohorts and scaling of proven ones.The creative AI uses generative AI models to enhance creative capabilities. It automates persona-specific creative and communication delivery across platforms, allowing brands to generate and scale high-fidelity video and static assets. It significantly reduces creative turnaround time.With the performance AI, Pixis deploys proprietary AI models that optimize return on ad spend (ROAS). It distributes better decisions across marketing channels through automated bid and budget pacing. It also stabilizes customer acquisition cost (CAC) and mitigates the impact of short-term fluctuations and seasonality with predictive modeling.Pixis also offers an AI savings calculator, allowing brands to estimate the potential returns they can achieve by leveraging Pixis’ codeless AI infrastructure in their marketing activities.The success stories showcased by Pixis demonstrate the effectiveness of their AI infrastructure in various metrics, such as reduced cost per install (CPI), increased conversion rates (CVR), improved return on advertising spend (ROAS), and more. Brands such as CARSOME, Klar, and DHL Express have successfully utilized Pixis’ AI infrastructure to achieve their campaign goals and optimize their marketing efforts.

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