Optimize Automated image background removal for professionals.
Pixcleaner - AI Technology Solution

What is Pixcleaner?

PixCleaner is an automated background removal tool that utilizes AI and computer vision technology. It offers both automated and supervised background removal options, allowing for a smooth and fast editing process. With PixCleaner, you can easily remove backgrounds from your images, saving time and effort in your editing tasks. The tool is equipped with AI-powered image editing capabilities, providing static shots with white or transparent backgrounds. It also features a built-in editor and refiner for achieving professional design and results. PixCleaner offers a variety of useful features, including Smart Touch, which allows you to fine-tune and guide the AI towards your desired result. You can also utilize the Photo Editor to crop, resize, change the background, manage layers, and more. The tool supports bulk operations, allowing you to automate your workflow and save time when editing multiple pictures simultaneously.PixCleaner guarantees accurate and efficient results, even with complex images and intricate details like edges or hair. Additionally, the tool offers an integration-ready Background Remover API, enabling developers to enhance their applications with PixCleaner’s background removing technology. Overall, PixCleaner is a cost-effective and professional solution for image editing, suitable for various use cases such as e-commerce, personal use, advertising, and more.

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