Optimize Analysis and feedback for fundable pitch decks.
Pitchgrade - AI Technology Solution

What is Pitchgrade?

PitchGrade is an AI-powered tool designed to help entrepreneurs create compelling pitch decks that will help them secure funding. PitchGrade provides on-demand feedback to help entrepreneurs refine their pitch deck, so that they can get the best outcome from their fundraising efforts. The tool analyzes the pitch deck for key elements, such as the problem the company is solving, the solution it offers, the target market, the business model, and the team behind the idea. PitchGrade also provides advice on structuring the pitch deck and the type of content that should be included to make it more attractive to potential investors. It also includes examples of successful pitch decks, so entrepreneurs can learn from the best. PitchGrade is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs who need to create a fundable pitch deck that will attract investors and convince them to invest.

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