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What is Phygital?

Phygital+ is a node-based AI tool that enables creators to work with neural networks without needing to write code. It is currently in Alpha development, meaning it is in an early stage of development and is not yet ready for general public use.The tool is based on a node system, which allows users to create and manipulate neural networks using a visual interface. It also provides an intuitive workflow, allowing users to quickly build and modify neural networks without needing to have any prior knowledge of coding. This makes it much easier for creators to experiment with their projects and quickly get the results they need.Phygital+ also provides powerful tools for optimizing and refining neural networks. It includes several automated processes, such as hyperparameter optimization, which can help users quickly find the best configuration for their neural networks. Additionally, it includes several visualization tools, allowing users to better understand the inner workings of their neural networks.Overall, Phygital+ is a powerful AI tool that enables creators to work with neural networks without needing to write code. It provides an intuitive node-based workflow and several automated processes that can help users quickly build, optimize, and refine their neural networks. Despite being in Alpha, it is already a powerful tool that can help creators quickly get the results they need.

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