Optimize Unlimited graphic design and photo editing canvas
PhotoFairy - AI Technology Solution

What is PhotoFairy?

PhotoFairy is a powerful and easy-to-use AI tool that redefines photo editing and graphic design through its infinite canvas approach. It allows users to sign up for free and offers a range of features that facilitate creative expression. With PhotoFairy, users can perform object cutout and background removal, object removal, generative completion, and apply over 50 preset styles to their images. The tool also enables users to reimagine common objects, create letter arts, design Google Doodles, and virtually model various objects. Additionally, PhotoFairy allows users to add text behind objects, transform images from winter to spring or day to night, and beautify faces by changing hairstyles or performing virtual try-ons. It also offers features such as extending pictures, changing image styles, cartoonizing photos, turning scribbles into fine art, and utilizing the decompose-recompose workflow. Design capabilities include composing shapes, visualizing landscaping ideas, designing with basic shapes, and bringing historical artifacts to life. PhotoFairy allows users to create double exposures, draw curves, make shapes, and perform math typing and graphing. It also supports infographic designs, screen mockups, clipped portraits with 3D effects, and image perspective rectification. Notably, all graphics on the PhotoFairy website are created using the tool itself, showcasing its effectiveness. Connect with PhotoFairy on various social media platforms to stay up-to-date with their latest developments and offerings.

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