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Pencil - AI Technology Solution

What is Pencil?

Pencil is an AI-powered tool that helps ecommerce brands and agencies create ad variations faster and more efficiently. With Pencil, users can generate static and video ad ideas for all social channels and formats based on AI generation. Additionally, Pencil provides AI predictions on which ad variations are most likely to perform based on over $1 billion in ad spend, saving users time and money on ad testing. The tool also offers a drag-and-drop editing experience, allowing users to easily make changes to ad ideas in real-time. Users can gain insights into their best performing ads, including the copy, elements used, and tags, and compare their ad messaging and tactics to other brands in their sector using the benchmark feature. Pencil offers multiple landing pages to fit users’ needs and the pricing varies depending on the selected plan. Furthermore, the tool provides an AI Ads Library, case studies, and a blog, along with an extensive help center and documentation pages. With Pencil, users can create unlimited ad creatives with the help of generative AI, making the creative production process faster and more efficient while delivering better results to help businesses grow.

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