Optimize Debt collection facilitation for businesses.
Paymefy - AI Technology Solution

What is Paymefy?

Paymefy is an AI-powered debt collection tool that helps businesses recover overdue payments quickly and at a reduced cost. The tool facilitates debt collection by creating smart notification sequences personalized for each customer that are sent through different channels until payment is made. Paymefy also offers a range of payment options to make it easier for customers to pay, including customizable payment links that allow customers to pay outstanding debt with a single click. The tool also allows customers to pay multiple invoices at once or in installments, with or without interest, which can be customized based on business needs. Moreover, Paymefy is designed to reduce operating costs associated with debt collection by automating the collection process and extracting unpaid invoices directly from CRM. It also offers easy customization options, allowing businesses to communicate with customers with their own visual identity. Paymefy can integrate with CRM and ERP systems through its API for more efficient and cost-effective debt collection. Overall, it is a useful tool for businesses seeking to optimize debt collection using AI-powered technology.

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