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Pascal - AI Technology Solution

What is Pascal?

Pascal is a compliance support platform designed for staff in financial services companies. It is primarily used for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes, but can also be utilized for screening potential clients and business partners in and outside the financial sector. Pascal’s AI models analyze a range of open-source data and client-specific data, using AI, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing techniques. This enables the tool to “read”, interpret, and structure adverse media in various languages. One of the key benefits of Pascal is its ability to simplify and expedite client onboarding processes. By automating much of the work, Pascal offers users a clear overview and insights in just a few simple steps. Continuous monitoring is another important feature of Pascal. Instead of periodic checks, it provides real-time alerts when risks or issues arise, ensuring organizations are always up-to-date with their clients or third parties. Pascal also focuses on reducing false positives, providing more accurate relevance predictions, and saving users time. It is designed to evolve alongside changing laws and regulations, resulting in increasingly accurate results.The user interface of Pascal is highly intuitive, making compliance management simpler and more enjoyable. Its collaborative features allow different stakeholders, such as client-facing staff and compliance managers, to work together seamlessly.Furthermore, Pascal ensures transparency by logging every search and decision, providing a complete audit trail. Its secure solution is reinforced by ISAE 3402-II certification and assurance statement.Overall, Pascal is an efficient, accurate, and flexible compliance tool that streamlines processes, reduces false positives, and facilitates collaboration within organizations.

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