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Optimize Assisted company info search and trend prediction.
Parsers VC - AI Technology Solution

What is Parsers VC?

The tool offered by Parsers VC helps users find information about any company by searching for startup funding rounds, active venture capitalists (VCs), investments, company valuation, LinkedIn and emails of the team, founders, and partners. This information can be accessed through the dashboard, VC firms, and startups tabs. In addition, the tool offers an API and an active blog. An interesting feature offered by Parsers VC is their Predictive Investments AI tool that predicts funding rounds based on startup or VC website.The tool’s interface is user-friendly, offering easy access to its features, and its data is updated regularly. Parsers VC claims that it has a vast database of companies that is constantly growing.It is not clear what sources are used to collect and verify the data provided by this tool. The pricing for using Parsers VC is not mentioned, but the tool offers a “Sign-up” and “Log In” option, indicating that there may be some level of registration required to access the tool’s full functionality.Overall, Parsers VC provides a useful tool for those looking to search for information on companies and track investment trends in startups and VCs.

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