Optimize Automated incident management and documentation.
Pagerly - AI Technology Solution

What is Pagerly?

Pagerly AI is an AI tool designed to help debug incidents quickly and efficiently. It offers several features to streamline incident management and collaboration processes. The tool integrates with Slack, allowing users to sync Slack UserGroups and Schedule for better coordination. Pagerly AI also alerts users when tickets pass the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and offers the ability to create Round-Robin Rotations on Slack.One of the key features of Pagerly AI is its ability to generate automated reports and documentation. It can prompt similar tickets from the past, helping users to identify patterns and find resolutions faster. The tool also automates the generation of stakeholders’ messages, providing current incident status updates without the need for manual input.Additionally, Pagerly AI can generate RCA (Root Cause Analysis) Post-Mortem documents by analyzing incident details and Slack conversations. By automating these processes, Pagerly AI simplifies documentation, saves time, and ensures consistency in reporting.The tool is compatible with popular incident management tools such as PagerDuty, Jira, and OpsGenie, allowing users to access all incidents and tickets in one place. It offers resources like blogs and documentation to help users understand and implement the tool effectively.Pagerly AI is developed by Sassly Technologies Inc. and offers a pricing model for interested users. The tool can be accessed through the provided links and installed on Slack to enhance incident management capabilities.

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