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Nyckel - AI Technology Solution

What is Nyckel?

Nyckel is a Machine Learning API that provides developers with lightning-fast machine learning capabilities for computer vision, natural language processing, and tabular data. With Nyckel, developers can easily build AI into their products without the need to hire a dedicated machine learning team or invest in costly infrastructure.The tool offers various function types for both input and output data. For input data, developers can use image, text, or tabular data, while for output data, they can choose to classify, tag, search, detect objects, perform optical character recognition (OCR), or localize and detect objects in images.Nyckel’s API-first design allows for seamless integration into applications and ensures fast and secure communication. The tool also provides an integrated data engine that facilitates data annotation, inspection, and mining within the machine learning workflow.One of the key features of Nyckel is its deep learning capability, which automatically trains and evaluates deep learning models on user data in seconds. The models can be deployed immediately with high uptime and low latency, allowing developers to scale to millions of invokes from day one.Nyckel offers an easy-to-use UI for model training and evaluation, and users can also access the API directly for more advanced functionality. The tool provides free evaluation options, including open sign-ups, an always-free tier, and a one-month free trial at the enterprise level, with no data lock-in.Overall, Nyckel helps developers leverage the power of machine learning without the complexity, allowing them to focus on their data and problem-solving.

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