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Novacene - AI Technology Solution

What is Novacene?

The NovaceneAI Platformâ„¢ is an AI tool that automatically organizes unstructured text data, allowing data professionals to dedicate their time to analysis rather than menial tasks. With 80% of all data requiring organization before mining can occur, the platform offers a solution that uses AI to transform text data into actionable insights at scale. The platform offers a RESTFul API and a web-based user interface allowing data engineers, data scientists, and business analysts to have complete control over the platform. The platform can also be configured for technical users and is friendly and intuitive for analysts. The tool is adaptable to organizations of varying sizes and industries, including real estate, journalism, social sciences, and more.Companies and organizations trust the platform, such as the Toronto Metropolitan University, the Canadian Real Estate Association, and the Alberta Securities Commission. The platform is provided in a fully dedicated, single-tenant cloud environment, and data transmission and storage is protected using industry-leading encryption for customer data safety and security. Novacene’s subscription agreement also offers assurances and protection of customer data.NovaceneAI Platformâ„¢ eliminates the manual work required to organize unstructured text data and provides a flexible solution that automatically harvests insights from data. The platform is accessible to organizations regardless of their level of data science expertise, and a pilot program is available to test the platform’s effectiveness with an organization’s data in their specific configuration.

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