Optimize Dementia onset prediction with MRI scans.
Neuproscan - AI Technology Solution

What is Neuproscan?

Neuproscan is an AI platform designed to predict the onset of Dementia from MRI scans. It addresses the challenge of diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages, when there are no noticeable symptoms. Currently, there is no consistent and non-intrusive method for detecting the disease at this preclinical stage. Neuproscan utilizes an artificial intelligence model that has been trained on a large number of MRI scans to analyze subtle patterns and hidden indicators of preclinical Alzheimer’s. By aggregating information from each pixel in the MRI scans, Neuproscan enables doctors to make accurate diagnoses, leading to better patient outcomes.This innovative platform serves as an intuitive assistant for doctors and can be used by anyone. It provides a second opinion, empowering healthcare professionals to forecast their patients’ future health and accurately predict the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s. Neuproscan’s predictions are precise, assisting doctors in making informed decisions about patient care.Neuproscan fills a critical gap in the current diagnostic process by offering an efficient, reliable, and non-intrusive method for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. By leveraging AI technology, it takes advantage of the subtle changes visible in MRI scans that may otherwise go undetected by human eyes. Ultimately, Neuproscan aims to improve the early diagnosis and management of Alzheimer’s, potentially allowing for interventions at a stage when treatments may be more effective.

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