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Netomi - AI Technology Solution

What is Netomi?

Netomi’s AI customer service tool offers an advanced platform that goes beyond traditional chatbots to provide automated customer service and support to enterprise-level businesses. The tool aims to take care of the customers that businesses have worked hard to win by resolving up to 80% of routine customer queries automatically in real-time. Netomi’s AI customer service offering encompasses a range of products, including conversational AI, email resolution, chat interface, and webforms. Netomi’s tool claims to increase support team capacity by 5x and enable a 90% ticket resolution rate. Plus, the tool can provide customer support in over 100 languages. One of the key features of the tool is its ability to integrate with all customer communication software and back-end business systems, allowing for an end-to-end deep conversational channel integration with current platforms.The AI system powering Netomi’s customer service solution uses deep learning technology, creating a unique customer intent model using historical context and current sentiment analysis for higher customer satisfaction rates. The AI can operate in both autopilot and co-pilot modes, acting as either an automatic or assistive agent, streamlining workflows among customer service representatives.Finally, Netomi’s conversational AI-powered solution offers omnichannel conversation capabilities, with customers able to converse using email, chat, messaging, voice, and SMS.

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