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Musico - AI Technology Solution

What is Musico?

Musico is an AI-driven software engine that generates music based on the user’s input. It is capable of reacting to gesture, movement, code, or other sound. Musico utilizes a blend of traditional and modern machine learning algorithms to generate music that is copyright-free and in a wide variety of styles. It can be used for semi-assisted and fully automatic composition, as well as AI-assisted composition. Musico also has applications such as Impro which allows musicians and performers to generate music in real time, controlling Musico with intuitive gestures. Additionally, the engine can be mapped and react in real time to a variety of control signals, opening the engine to endless possibilities of interaction. The engine is also being explored for its potential use in digital storytelling and media to create an enhanced soundtrack plugin. All of this is done with dedicated human supervision to ensure consistent and valuable results. Musico offers an innovative toolbox for music-makers to craft anything from musical sketches to full songs.

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