Mr. Cook

Optimize Your digital cookbook with AI features.

What is Mr. Cook?

Your digital cookbook. Store, organize, and share all your recipes in one app. Core features: – Create unique recipes using artificial intelligence 🤖 – Add, edit and delete recipes ðŸ“_x005F_x009d_ – Team functionality 👥 – Automatic recipe import from URL 📥 – Upload images 🖼ï¸_x005F_x008f_ – Search for recipes 🕵ï¸_x005F_x008f_â€_x005F_x008d_♀ï¸_x005F_x008f_ – Organize recipes with tags ðŸ_x005F_x008f_·ï¸_x005F_x008f_ – Print recipes 🖨ï¸_x005F_x008f_ – Export recipes to JSON 📤 – Multi-language support ðŸŒ_x005F_x0090_ – Dark mode 🌙 Mr. Cook is an AI-powered Recipe Generator tool that assists users in creating recipes based on their input. With this tool, users have the option to either enter a recipe idea they’ve been wanting to try or input a list of ingredients they have at home. Mr. Cook will then generate a recipe that incorporates those ingredients, making it an excellent option for utilizing leftovers. Users can also specify their dietary preferences, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or lactose-free.The recipe creation process is swift, taking only a few seconds, thanks to the tool’s special artificial intelligence. Once the recipe is generated, users can proceed to cook the meal and rate their experience from 1 to 5 stars. The recipe is saved in a personalized cookbook, allowing users to easily access it for future reference. Sharing recipes with friends and family is also possible through the app.Mr. Cook aims to simplify cooking by providing features such as recipe organization, meal planning, and creating shopping lists. By offering a user-friendly interface, this tool allows individuals to enjoy the cooking experience while discovering new and creative recipes.For additional support or queries, Mr. Cook provides a FAQ section, covering topics like pricing, recipe importation, sharing recipes, and exporting recipes. The tool is available as a mobile application on Google Play.

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