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MomentsAI - AI Technology Solution

What is MomentsAI?

Moments is an AI-powered meditation app that offers personalized and natural meditation sessions. With Moments, users can generate customized meditations based on their current emotional state. The app utilizes AI technology to create a unique meditation experience tailored to the user’s feelings.During the meditation sessions, users are guided by a natural AI voice that provides instructions and leads them through the meditation practice. This personalized guidance aims to enhance the user’s meditation experience and ensure a seamless delivery of the session.To maintain a regular meditation routine, Moments also provides the option to set reminders, helping users make meditation a consistent habit in their daily lives. By incorporating reminders, the app aims to support users in integrating meditation into their busy schedules.The pricing options for Moments cater to different user needs. With the free plan, users receive a limited number of meditations per month, accompanied by the option to set reminders. The paid Pro plan offers unlimited access to meditations as well as early access to upcoming features. Additionally, Moments offers workplace packages with special and volume pricing, making it suitable for organizations interested in promoting employee wellness.Overall, Moments leverages AI technology to provide personalized and natural meditation experiences, guiding users towards a more mindful and calm state of mind.

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