Optimize Realistic random data for Figma projects.
Mockreate - AI Technology Solution

What is Mockreate?

Mockreate AI is a Figma Community plugin that generates random data for selected text. It offers a variety of features and datasets, including first names (with sorting options for male, female, or both), last names, full names (combining first and last names), usernames, emails, phone numbers (with customizable prefix and length), dates (with formatting options), time (with formatting options), number ranges (by specifying two numbers to generate random numbers in between), money amounts (within a specified range and currency symbol position), credit card numbers, Ethereum public addresses, and custom datasets (importable via URL in JSON format). This tool helps Figma users quickly and conveniently populate their design projects with realistic mock data. By selecting specific layers in Figma, users can choose the type of data they need, and Mockreate AI will generate and replace the selected layers with mock data accordingly. This makes it particularly useful for filling tables of data with names, email addresses, prices, and more.Integration within Figma eliminates the need to switch between websites or copy and paste data, enhancing efficiency and streamlining the design process. Mockreate AI also offers a dark mode for added visual customization.Please note that Mockreate AI is a third-party plugin developed by Fabio Monzani and is licensed under the Figma Community Free Resource License.

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