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What is MindsDB?

MindsDB is an AI development cloud platform that allows development teams to build applications powered by AI in a fast and scalable way. The platform offers dedicated cloud servers and the ability to deploy on AWS Marketplace. With support for over 100 data sources, MindsDB enables users to compare and select the most appropriate large language models (LLM) for their use cases. The platform abstracts generative AI, LLMs, and other AI models as virtual tables (AI-Tables) on top of enterprise databases, making them accessible within organizations and allowing development teams to leverage their existing skills for building AI-powered applications. MindsDB supports several languages such as SQL, Python, JS, and MongoQL, and provides functionalities for tasks like understanding, summarizing, generating, and predicting text, as well as conversational language models, text-to-image generation, and time series/regression prediction. The platform also offers featured apps built with MindsDB and LLMs, including an AI-powered progressive web app for news delivery, an AI-powered pair programming tool, and a project management tool that automates task allotment and sentiment tracking. MindsDB supports seamless model training and deployment, data enrichment with low latency, integration with business intelligence tools, and automation of data transformations. The platform offers comprehensive documentation, an active GitHub repository with a large number of contributors, and a community of developers for support and collaboration. MindsDB is a member of the Intel® Partner Alliance, integrates with the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit, and supports all major cloud service providers.

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