Optimize Web search engine with natural language processing.
Metaphor - AI Technology Solution

What is Metaphor?

Metaphor is an AI search engine that is powered by a language model. It is designed to understand language in a more expressive and creative way than traditional web search engines. Users can type in a “promptâ€_x005F_x009d_, which is similar to a GPT-3 prompt, and Metaphor will try and predict the link that is most likely to come after. To help users get familiar with the search engine, some templates are included to try out. Metaphor is trained to predict links instead of text, and can provide a variety of results such as blog posts, wikipedia pages, directories of resources, demos, startups, books, papers, and more. It is particularly useful for finding resources related to AI, such as programming languages and classic AI algorithms. It can also provide music recommendations and other creative and interesting results.

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