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Meru - AI Technology Solution

What is Meru?

Meru is an AI tool designed for enterprise use to organize and share an organization’s most vital assets. It offers efficient, proprietary knowledge transfer, which allows organizations to reduce turnover costs by capturing knowledge from their best employees and onboard new employees more efficiently. Meru also enables the transfer of knowledge to key clients with a click of a button, using client-specific knowledge within a private server to create an intelligence agent that can be exported and shared with clients via a simple link. Meru features a powerful generative search that provides organizations with self-serve capabilities and crazy-fast results, allowing them to synthesize knowledge in milliseconds. It can parse proprietary data to help users create reports, summaries, and more, and runs up to 40x faster than traditional GPT-based applications. Meru is deployed on users’ servers, giving them control over their compute costs and architecture, with a choice of using high-performance GPUs or existing CPU hardware. It also offers a central intelligence interface for organizations to share proprietary information and communicate with their data securely. Overall, Meru is a secure AI tool built for enterprise use, designed to provide efficient, proprietary knowledge transfer, self-serve capabilities, and a powerful generative search that is fast and secure.

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