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MayDay - AI Technology Solution

What is MayDay?

Mayday is an AI-assisted calendar that helps users manage, protect, and organize their most valuable asset – time. It is available for download on iOS, macOS, and iPadOS. The tool uses AI to evaluate scheduling preferences and patterns and learns over time to suggest ideal times for different types of events. Mayday also provides personalized recommendations for meetings, tasks, and flexibility options. One of the key features of Mayday is its ability to manage the complexity of scheduling with others, taking into account everyone’s schedules and preferences. The tool can automatically suggest the best times to schedule meetings based on the team’s True Availability, and scheduling links make it easy to open up schedules to meet with others while ensuring that unique priorities are reflected.Mayday also includes smart tags, FYI events, buffer time, and time windows to keep the user’s calendar organized and efficient. The tool offers iOS, iPad, and Mac widgets to provide a quick glance at what’s coming up next, while synced events ensure availability is properly reflected on all relevant calendars. Mayday’s developers have built the tool with SwiftUI and plan to make it available for Android and Windows in the future. Overall, Mayday is a useful AI-powered scheduling tool that can help users make the most of their time.

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