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MarsX - AI Technology Solution

What is MarsX?

Mars is a higher level AI powered programming platform that allows developers to build most applications 10 times faster than traditional development tools. It combines Code, NoCode and MicroApps to create a powerful development suite. With MicroApps, developers can access pre-built applications that can be reused in seconds, saving them time and effort. It also offers an NFT marketplace which allows artists to post their NFTs and collectors to purchase them. Additionally, developers can use the No-Code builder to create websites, email templates, food recipes, house design, image or video builders and much more. With the Peer-to-Peer Marketplace, buyers and vendors are connected and can conduct transactions with multiple currencies and payment options. Video streaming and photo sharing apps can also be built with Mars. All of these features are combined with 1000+ more micro-apps for various purposes. Mars is free and open-sourced on GitHub and runs under Apache Licensing. It can be deployed on Windows, Linux or any other server technology. It is 100% open-sourced and does not have any vendor lock. Security and GDPR are also taken into account, with the ability to delete accounts, use cookies and securely store sensitive data. Mars is a better alternative to traditional coding tools such as ReactJs and PHP, as it reduces the amount of code needed to be written by up to 90%. The micro-apps are built by third-party developers, who are motivated to create high-quality applications due to potential revenue. The platform and micro-apps are also customizable and can be modified to suit the user’s needs. Mars is not an SDK, Framework, or Language, but a powerful development suite that is changing the game of software development.

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