Optimize Content planning and optimization with data insights.
MarketMuse - AI Technology Solution

What is MarketMuse?

MarketMuse is an AI content planning and optimization software that analyzes a website’s content to provide personalized and objective insights. It helps users confidently plan better and faster by automating content audits and providing page-level, site-level and SERP insights at their fingertips. The software creates content plans in minutes and identifies gaps to leverage in the SERP, thus helping users tell the whole story, own their topic, and gain authority. It provides insights on what keywords to prioritize, how to structure content, and suggests blueprints to minimize edits and publish faster. MarketMuse removes the subjectivity of what is or isn’t working and what is missing, so users can prioritize the right content faster. The software also identifies and saves at-risk content to improve overall authority and provides real-time feedback on quality to remove the fear of writing. Trusted by thousands of content strategy and marketing teams, MarketMuse helps customers see meaningful results and confidently make data-driven optimizations that deliver results.

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