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Maket’s Generative Design tool is an architecture design software that revolutionizes the residential planning process by using generative AI. It empowers architects, designers, builders, contractors, and developers to automate the generation of residential floorplans, 3D renders, and explore limitless design styles.With Maket’s suite of tools, users can unleash their creative potential. The software facilitates automated floorplan generation, style exploration, and customization of design elements, giving architects the freedom to create and experiment. Virtual Assistant provides expert guidance on materials, costs, and design possibilities, helping users make confident and informed design choices.The software also assists in navigating the complexities of zoning codes and regulations. Its Regulatory Assistant simplifies the process by allowing users to upload PDFs, ask questions in plain language, and receive instant answers for compliant designs, ensuring projects comply with all necessary requirements and avoiding potential delays.Maket’s Generative Design tool allows architects to generate hundreds of residential floorplan variations in minutes, not months. Users can specify room dimensions and adjacency constraints, and the software generates designs instantly. These designs can be exported to .DXF format for further use.Overall, Maket provides a comprehensive platform that integrates design automation, knowledge guidance, and regulatory assistance, streamlining the entire architectural planning process and enhancing creativity with AI-powered tools.

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