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Lookr - AI Technology Solution

What is Lookr?

Lookr is an AI-powered on-location portrait idea search engine that provides photo inspiration for photographers and enthusiasts. It serves as a go-to platform for finding creative portrait ideas and compositions. Users can access Lookr by logging in and utilizing its alpha version called “Portrait Focus.”Lookr’s main feature is the generative AI called Spark Collection. This AI model generates a diverse range of portrait ideas by leveraging its advanced algorithms. By using Spark Collection, users can access a pool of generated ideas and compositions that can spark their creative process.The tool aims to assist photographers in finding fresh and innovative concepts for their on-location portrait shoots. It encourages exploration and experimentation by effortlessly providing an extensive collection of AI-generated ideas. Users can easily browse through the generated suggestions and engage with the system to find inspiration for their own projects.While Lookr emphasizes its ability to generate portrait ideas, it does not provide information on its specific functionalities, interface, or search capabilities. The platform also mentions a social aspect, inviting users to follow and meet the team behind Lookr, but does not provide further details on how this interaction takes place.Overall, Lookr presents itself as a resourceful AI tool that helps photographers discover exciting and unique portrait ideas.

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