Optimize Food image recognition, nutrition analysis, checkout.
LogMeal - AI Technology Solution

What is LogMeal?

LogMeal Food AI is a comprehensive tool for food recognition, tracking, nutrition analysis, and fast restaurant checkout. The software uses advanced deep learning algorithms to identify over 1300 different dishes, ingredients, and nutritional information based on food images. It provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for self-service restaurants to improve customer satisfaction and reduce waiting times by providing a touchless checkout kiosk. LogMeal’s API is also 100% integrable with other apps, providing personalized and customized learning and customization. Customers can modify, add or remove ingredients, and estimate food quantity from the image. Moreover, the software offers real-time consumption analysis services, enhancing food tracking for elderly people, diabetes or renal disease patients, and those with a healthy lifestyle. LogMeal has a team of experts in food recognition, including over 25 international papers published and up to 30 years of experience in computer vision and AI. It has been successful in providing AI food detection solutions for various contexts, including medical solutions, autonomous checkout devices for self-service restaurants, and personalized nutrition estimation. LogMeal is augmented by robotics and automation revolutionaries from institutions such as University Medical Center Groningen, Computer Vision Center UAB, and Eurecat Technological Center.

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