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LLime - AI Technology Solution

What is LLime?

LLime is an AI tool designed to supercharge businesses by providing intuitive and secure custom AI assistants for every department. It offers a ready-to-use user interface that streamlines setup and enhances user experience. LLime allows businesses to customize their AI assistants, which results in higher performance compared to general-purpose models. The tool ensures data security by using the data solely for fine-tuning models and no other purpose.The process of using LLime involves four steps: data collection, model creation, product build, and continuous feedback. The tool collects data from various sources such as GitHub, Notion, Google Docs, and CRM CSVs, tailoring the output to meet specific business needs. It then creates and optimizes models, deploying them with a custom dashboard for immediate use. LLime provides a user-friendly UI, an admin dashboard, and an integrated chat interface with features like login and Single Sign-On (SSO).LLime offers benefits to developers, managers, and marketers. Developers can explore their company’s code and tech docs, improving coding efficiency and facilitating onboarding for new team members. Managers can streamline decision-making, gain insights into financial reports and resource allocation, optimize team coordination, enhance employee performance, and align decisions with company objectives. Marketers can access campaign data, audience insights, and content strategies, resulting in improved campaign efficiency, tailored content, and data-driven decision-making.LLime offers different pricing plans with varying department size, number of employees per department, admin access, model parameters, and instances per department. The tool also has an option for custom plans, providing unlimited departments, employees per department, admins, best available models, and fastest servers.By leveraging LLime, businesses can maximize their team’s impact, shape workflows effortlessly, boost productivity across all departments, and make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

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