Optimize Data insights platform for actionable interpretation.
Lifty - AI Technology Solution

What is Lifty?

Lifty is an AI analytics tool that helps users move their data to insights faster, saving time and increasing efficiency. The platform offers a fresh perspective on data interpretation, going beyond traditional figures and charts to provide clarity and deep insights into data implications. With Lifty, users can understand data stories, uncover the full data context, and make better-informed decisions.The tool allows users to set weekly objectives and monitor progress with precision, helping them plan and outline upcoming achievements. Lifty simplifies the process of connecting data, supporting both CSV files and databases. It also assists users in defining business objectives and gathering insights by offering a user-friendly interface for asking questions.Lifty focuses on making data insights actionable. It provides customized dashboards tailored to users’ goals, emphasizing the metrics and insights that matter most. The platform ensures that users comprehend the significance and impact of their data, going beyond just presenting numbers. Lifty also offers actionable advice, guiding users towards their objectives with each insight gained.The tool is available in different pricing tiers – Personal, Professional, and Business – with increasing capabilities for database connections, CSV file uploads, and insightful messages.Overall, Lifty is a comprehensive AI analytics platform that simplifies data interpretation, offers actionable insights, and helps users achieve their data-driven goals efficiently.

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