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Lexeme - AI Technology Solution

What is Lexeme?

Lexeme is an open-source chat text editor tool inspired by SQL Workbench. It offers a fully integrated workflow for brainstorming, writing, and rewriting with ChatGPT as a copilot, all within the same window. With Lexeme, users can easily collaborate with ChatGPT without the need for constant copying and pasting. Only selected text needs to be sent to ChatGPT, allowing users to rewrite a single sentence instead of an entire paragraph.One of the key features of Lexeme is the ability to set a preferred writing style in the document prompt, which then applies to all subsequent chats. This eliminates the need to create new chats and repeat instructions when drafting similar but unrelated messages or documents.Lexeme also provides built-in action prompts that enable users to quickly perform common writing tasks. These prompts allow users to improve their writing by maintaining their style, expand their sentences for more detail, nuance, and depth, stick to word limits, provide counterarguments and examples, brainstorm new ideas, and even create custom prompts.Additionally, Lexeme emphasizes the importance of system prompts, which define the starting point for a new chat. The combination of global, document, and action prompts sets the context, establishes the model’s personality, and determines the format of its responses. Providing clear and concise system prompts greatly influences the relevance and accuracy of the model’s responses.Overall, Lexeme is a powerful tool for writing and collaborating with ChatGPT, offering selective context, reusable prompts, built-in action prompts, and an emphasis on system prompts for advanced use cases such as OKRs, Slack messages, announcements, and project management.

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