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Lettria - AI Technology Solution

What is Lettria?

Lettria’s no-code AI platform for text provides easy, collaborative, and efficient structuring of textual data. The platform helps create a customized natural language processing (NLP) solution and harnesses the complete potential of the user’s data. The platform offers various solutions like voice2CRM, search engine results optimization, and customer feedback analysis. The Lettria platform also provides a range of tools and components to collect, prepare, and annotate text data, such as text collection and management, dictionary management, text labeling, and ontology management. The Lettria platform also offers a comprehensive text annotation platform, allowing users to focus on the meaning and knowledge within their text. The Lettria platform’s primary purpose is to address the growing failure rate of NLP projects. The intuitive, user-friendly cloud-based platform is designed to increase productivity and automate time-consuming tasks, making it accessible to varying roles like business analysts, product teams, data engineers, and data scientists. The platform supports the extraction of key information from call transcripts, improving business performance, automatic analysis of customer reviews, and offers pre-trained and customizable multilingual models. The Lettria platform adapts to various roles, empowers users to create their customized AI engine, provides access to NLP APIs for deploying NLP projects faster, offers a secured infrastructure to clean and prepare text datasets, and saves data scientists from low value-added tasks, allowing them to focus on designing and deploying AI models. Overall, Lettria’s no-code AI platform for text is a powerful tool that efficiently allows users to harness the true potential of their textual data.

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