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What is LensQuery?

LensQuery is a model-agnostic AI chat application that allows users to unlock the power of modern AI models. With this tool, users can choose their preferred AI model and engage in interactive experiences. LensQuery offers instant image analysis, where users can snap a picture of text or equations, and advanced algorithms quickly analyze the content to provide insights. Additionally, users can have engaging AI conversations through a state-of-the-art chat interface, enabling them to ask questions, seek clarifications, and explore topics further.LensQuery prioritizes user privacy with its privacy-centric design. Stringent data protection measures are in place to ensure that snaps and queries remain confidential. Users also have the option to use their own API key, which is stored locally on their device.For additional help, LensQuery provides a FAQ section covering common questions and issues. Users can find information about the tool, its key features, special offers for new users, and how to provide feedback or suggestions.Unleash curiosity with LensQuery and discover more about the world around you by snapping photos and tapping into its AI capabilities. This tool offers a convenient and intuitive way to interact with AI models, making it suitable for various use cases.

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