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What is LegalNow?

LegalNow is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create and review legal documents with the assistance of lawyer-level AI. The tool offers several features to simplify and enhance the legal document process. Users can draft their own legal agreements by customizing premier templates provided by LegalNow. The tool ensures precision and eliminates concerns about customization.Reviewing agreements is made efficient with a single click, as LegalNow automatically identifies latent legal risks and modifies contracts as needed. The tool provides real-time assistance through trained AI, offering a personal legal assistant experience. Users can seek clarity for any queries or uncertainties they may have during the drafting and reviewing process.One notable feature is the Ambiguity Check, which helps prevent contract disputes arising from unclear clauses. LegalNow instantly checks for ambiguous wordings, ensuring that 90% of potential disputes are preemptively addressed.LegalNow also offers lawyer-level clause explanations, tailoring in-depth interpretations to the user’s unique perspective and the entirety of the agreement. Furthermore, the tool boasts 100% decentralized encrypted storage, ensuring the security of user data.The tool supports various contract types, including employment agreements, terms and conditions, non-disclosure agreements, service agreements, and sales agreements. LegalNow also invites users to leave questions or seek assistance from its international law community, which includes legal experts from over 60 countries.Overall, LegalNow is a comprehensive AI tool that simplifies and streamlines the process of creating and reviewing legal documents with the help of advanced AI technology.

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