Optimize No-code development with language interfaces
LazyAI - AI Technology Solution

What is LazyAI?

Lazy AI is a tool that allows users to build software using natural language. It aims to empower teams by enabling non-technical members, such as engineers, product managers, and project managers, to create software without needing coding skills. One of the templates offered by Lazy AI is the Slack Mention Poem Generator, which generates a poem in response to mentions of the app on Slack. This AI-powered app listens to the mentions, sends a loading message, and then generates a poem based on the user’s message. The app requires authentication with Slack through environment variables.Another template is the Weekly Jira Issue Count to Slack app, which fetches Jira issues with status changes in the last week, calculates the count of different issue types, and posts a summary in a Slack channel. This app requires Jira server and authentication details, as well as a Slack token.Lazy AI also offers the Jira Weekly Done Issues to Slack template, which provides a summary of completed Jira tasks posted to a specific Slack thread every week. This app utilizes the Jira API to download closed tickets and posts their details to Slack. It requires Jira and Slack authentication information.Additionally, there is the Webflow Collection Item Blog Post Draft API, which allows users to publish blog posts on Webflow as drafts through an API endpoint. Users can provide necessary information and extra fields for the blog post, and the API handles the creation and linking with the Webflow collection.Lastly, Lazy AI offers the Discord Auto Color Bot and Discord Roles Manager Bot templates, which provide functionality for assigning random colors to user roles and performing various tasks on Discord servers, respectively. These Discord bots require authentication through Discord tokens.Overall, Lazy AI enables team members to develop software using natural language and offers various templates for different use cases, such as Slack integration, Jira management, Webflow blog post publishing, and Discord bot creation.

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