Laxis 2.0

Optimize Meeting assistant: transcribes, tags, manages insights.

What is Laxis 2.0?

Laxis is an artificial intelligence (AI) meeting assistant that helps businesses and professionals make the most of their meetings. It provides real-time transcription and tagging of the conversation, as well as pre-meeting personalized templates and post-meeting insight management. This helps teams to stay focused on the conversation and capture important decisions and action items accurately. With Laxis, you can extract insights, action items and key quotes from individual meetings or across a set of interviews. It also integrates with popular platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams. Laxis is easy to use and can really help to increase productivity and efficiency. It is trusted by UX designers, product managers, market research consultants, attorneys, investment professionals, management consultants, human resource officers and journalists.

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