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Optimize Creation and management of social media content.
Lately AI - AI Technology Solution

What is Lately AI?

Lately is a comprehensive AI-powered platform designed to help users create and manage their social media content and programs. By connecting to Hootsuite, HubSpot Social, UpContent, and other integrations, users can conveniently access content and extend their social media reach. The platform includes AI Content Writer, Social Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Social Selling, and Video Autogenerator tools. The AI Content Writer automatically creates and pre-tests content for social media programs. The Social Analytics informs content strategy and makes the content more engaging with the help of content analytics. The Social Media Marketing and Social Selling tools enable users to scale their social media marketing, extend content across executives, sales, employees, franchises, etc., and create bite-sized social media video clips and social media posts. The platform is suitable for enterprises, small businesses, and social media agencies of any size, as well as any industry, such as technology, professional services, financial services, media & entertainment, news & public agencies, consumer brands, education, healthcare & pharma.

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