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Labelbox - AI Technology Solution

What is Labelbox?

Labelbox is a data-centric AI platform that allows users to build and utilize AI applications. The platform provides the ability to train and fine-tune models, as well as automate tasks using LLMs (Labelbox Machine Learning Models). In terms of functionality, Labelbox utilizes cookies to enhance the user experience, analyze site traffic, assist in marketing efforts, and understand how users interact with the platform. Necessary cookies are used for basic function such as page navigation and access to secure areas. Preferences cookies enable the platform to remember user-specific information, such as preferred language or region. Labelbox also employs statistic cookies, which help website owners gather information on how visitors interact with the platform. These statistics are collected and reported anonymously. Furthermore, Labelbox uses various providers’ cookies to optimize specific features and functionalities. These providers include Intercom, LinkedIn, YouTube, ZoomInfo, Cloudflare, Bizible, Cookiebot, and Heap Analytics. Each provider’s cookies serve different purposes, such as recognizing visitors, managing support notifications, load balancing, and allowing visitors to log in through third-party applications. Overall, Labelbox’s AI platform offers users the ability to build AI applications, train and fine-tune models, and automate tasks using LLMs. The platform utilizes cookies and statistics to enhance the user experience and understand visitor interaction. The integration of various third-party providers’ cookies ensures optimized functionality for different aspects of the platform.

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