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What is Krome Photos?

Krome Photos is an image optimization tool that specializes in transforming product photos into high-quality listing and lifestyle images. The tool offers a range of services, including white cutout backgrounds and the addition of new models and backgrounds to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the images. The optimization process is completed within a few hours, providing efficient and timely results. Krome Photos is part of Krome Image Labs, a company that utilizes data, AI, and a team of designers, photographers, and editors to deliver their services at a massive scale. Their services are customizable and API-ready, allowing users to tailor the tool to their specific project needs. The tool’s aim is to create images that drive sales for enterprises, retailers, and independent sellers in an easy, scalable, and affordable manner. They claim that their lifestyle and infographic images have resulted in a 2.2X increase in Amazon product rank and a 49% boost in sales. The tool also offers AI design recommendations and live pro editors to assist users in enhancing their photos.Krome Photos provides an iOS app and has garnered a significant user base, with over a million app downloads and more than 100,000 happy clients. The company has a strong online presence and offers various resources such as a blog, a help center, and an FAQ section to support their customers.

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