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Krizmi - AI Technology Solution

What is Krizmi?

Krizmi is a virtual study buddy powered by chatGPT. It offers an interactive learning experience by allowing users to chat with their study materials, including class notes, books, chapters, sections, and exam syllabuses. This feature enables users to ask questions, seek explanations, and get answers, making their learning experience more engaging and effective. Additionally, Krizmi provides explanations, examples, and answers to enhance learning from various sources, such as book chapters and key topics, with a focus on personalization.One of the notable features of Krizmi is its auto-generated flashcards, which can be accessed with just a few clicks. These flashcards are designed to boost the learning process and can be personalized based on the user’s preferences and learning progress. Users can also create customized flashcards and track their learning progress through Krizmi’s comprehensive progress tracking features.Moreover, Krizmi offers interactive personalized quizzes, including auto-generated quizzes and the ability to create custom quizzes. These quizzes help users test their knowledge, track their progress, and identify areas for improvement. The platform saves quiz progress and provides comprehensive stats for monitoring and optimizing study strategies.Krizmi has received positive feedback from users, who appreciate its flashcards and quizzes, interactive nature, and progress tracking features. Overall, Krizmi aims to provide an engaging and immersive study experience by leveraging chat-based learning techniques and personalized study materials.

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