Optimize Automated interaction via virtual assistant platform.

What is Kore.ai?

Kore.ai is a provider of AI-optimized customer and employee experiences. Its platform automates interactions for every industry, deploying AI-first virtual assistants and process assistants. The platform enables Experience Optimization (XO), which blends conversational AI and digital UX. It offers several products for customer experience, such as SmartAssist for contact centers, BankAssist for banking, HealthAssist for healthcare, and RetailAssist for commerce. For employee experience, it offers IT Assist for IT support, HR Assist for HR support, and WorkAssist for collaborative workspace. SearchAssist is a cognitive search solution with conversational support. Kore.ai also provides a partner program, professional services, and resources such as white papers, case studies, and webinars. It offers support in English, Japanese, and Korean.

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