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Komo AI - AI Technology Solution

What is Komo AI?

Komo Search is a search engine powered by generative AI that provides a private, fast, and no-ads search experience. It has three main features: Chat, Explore, and Search. Through the Chat feature, users can deep dive, brainstorm, or discuss topics. The Explore feature allows users to see what the community is talking about. The Search feature helps users get quick answers or links to resources. Examples of queries include “Komorebiâ€_x005F_x009d_, “New York trip ideasâ€_x005F_x009d_, “How to learn Spanishâ€_x005F_x009d_, “When will humans migrate to Marsâ€_x005F_x009d_, and “Wine pairing & hippoâ€_x005F_x009d_. With Komo Search, users can find answers to their questions and topics of interest in an engaging, efficient, and private way.

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