Optimize Customize relationship assessment and self-discovery.
KnowU - AI Technology Solution

What is KnowU?

KnowU is an AI tool that offers users the ability to generate a personalized report with just one click. It allows users to explore different aspects of themselves and their relationships. The tool assesses the quality of users’ relationships, highlighting that a significant number of people are dissatisfied with their relationships. It also emphasizes the importance of good interpersonal relationships, stating that they can contribute to personal well-being and success in both work and personal life.KnowU provides users with insights into their personality and inner self, helping them to explore their own traits and characteristics. Additionally, users can evaluate how well they get along with their friends, offering a deeper understanding of their social dynamics.To access the tool, users can sign in with their X account, and upon login, they need to consent to the User Agreement and authorize access to their Twitter content. It assures users that all information collected is solely used for report purposes and remains confidential.KnowU aims to give users valuable insights into themselves and their relationships in a convenient and accessible way.

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