Optimize Fact-checking and source citing for teams.
KnowledgeBot - AI Technology Solution

What is KnowledgeBot? is an artificial intelligence tool designed to facilitate fact-checking and source citation. This tool enables users to turn their entire team into experts by fact-checking itself using the company’s knowledge database and citing sources appropriately. It also has the ability to learn from experts within the organization by asking for assistance when necessary. The main goal of is to scale the knowledge of experts within a company by providing fact-checked and well-cited answers to specific questions related to the business and its products. This AI tool absorbs the desired knowledge by analyzing various sources such as blogs, case studies, training documents, and help articles. strives to provide human-like responses that are tailored to the user’s specific business and product. In cases where it encounters an uncertainty, it has the capability to reach out to the experts within the team and report back with the requested information, eliminating the need for experts to repeatedly provide the same answers. To ensure accuracy, performs automatic fact-checking against approved sources. Although errors are uncommon, the tool will flag any potential mistakes to earn the user’s trust. Furthermore, it provides direct quotes and citations to support every claim, allowing users to easily verify information. Additionally, can also analyze informal chats, emails, call transcripts, and other forms of communication to capture valuable insights. By organizing and formalizing this information, the tool strengthens the knowledge base. In summary, empowers teams with instant answers and verified knowledge from their company’s experts, making it a valuable resource for fact-checking, source citation, and knowledge acquisition within organizations.

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