Optimize Assisted sales team with automation.

What is is an AI virtual assistant tool designed for B2B sales teams to streamline their processes, eliminate information silos, and increase productivity. The tool ingests information from multiple sources, such as internal conversations, internal documents, and customer conversations to create a comprehensive Sales Playbook that is always up-to-date. makes everything needed to accelerate sales teams easily accessible through a simple but powerful interface. The founders of bring a unique combination of expertise and experience to the table. David Frankle, the CEO, is a Harvard graduate with a proven track record in developing successful go-to-market plans, while Tushar Goswami, the CTO, brings over two decades of experience in AI to the team. Together, they are committed to delivering cutting-edge AI solutions to accelerate B2B sales.One key area of focus for the company is voice capabilities. In the near future, plans to introduce an AI copilot that can assist sales reps during customer calls, capturing information and next steps, and updating the CRM automatically. The AI copilot will also be able to surface relevant materials in real-time during sales calls, using the Sales Playbook to guide reps to have the most provides a unique opportunity for B2B sales teams to unify knowledge and improve their sales processes. Sign up for the waitlist now and be the first to experience the power of their AI virtual assistant.

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