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Kiri.Art is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that utilizes Stable Diffusion’s (SD) Machine User Interface (MUI) to generate images from text. The tool provides a simple, user-friendly interface for users to input text and choose from several options for image generation. It can be used to generate a single image from text, several images from text, or generate images from a pre-existing image. Additionally, Kiri.Art has an upscaling feature that can be used to enlarge an image for greater clarity. The tool is powered by credits, which can be purchased in bundles of 0.25 credits per generation, and users can switch between two different providers if one is not functioning correctly. It also has a community feature that allows users to view and share their images with others. Finally, Kiri.Art is open-source, with discussion, bug reports, and feature requests available on the official forum.

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