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Kalendar - AI Technology Solution

What is Kalendar?

KalendarAI Sales Agents is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses generate revenue by reaching out to potential customers and booking meetings through live chat sessions with over 200 million companies globally. The tool offers different types of agents, such as Sales, Fundraising, Freelancing, and Recruiting, allowing users to customize their pitch and mailbox distribution. The AI technology quickly finds the right person within enterprises and generates valid customer information, phone numbers, email addresses, and LinkedIn profiles.The process of using KalendarAI Sales Agents is straightforward. After creating a sales agent with a personalized pitch, the agent invites prospects to a live chat session, and the tool runs the chat sessions autonomously, setting up a meeting with the user’s team, resulting in new revenue on autopilot. The tool’s ability to automate and personalize email marketing and outreach on a mass scale makes booking meetings and personalized cold emailing seamless and efficient while landing directly in the inbox. KalendarAI Sales Agents is a popular tool with business leaders, decision-makers, sales, and marketing teams, who enjoy the exact match of B2B lead generation. The pricing model for KalendarAI Sales Agents is US $167 per agent, with a pay-per-engagement option. Users also receive a 50% discount if they sign up today. Overall, KalendarAI Sales Agents is an effective tool for businesses looking to automate their sales processes and generate revenue through personalized and efficient customer outreach.

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