Facilitate creation of 3D models from images. with precision
Kaedim - AI Technology Solution

What is Kaedim?

Kaedim is a 3D modeling tool that enables users to generate production-ready 3D models from basic images in minutes. By utilizing advanced AI and machine learning technology, Kaedim is able to automatically generate detailed 3D models with textured and colored surfaces. With no prior 3D modeling experience needed, users can benefit from the time-saving benefits of Kaedim’s technology, allowing them to create stunning 3D art with nothing more than an image. Kaedim is used by some of the world’s leading game studios such as Aardman Animations, Rebellion, Melcher, Talewind, The Sandbox and Mobile Pie. With Kaedim, users can create any 3D model imaginable, from simple objects to complex designs, in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional modeling tools. Kaedim also offers plugins to integrate with popular modeling tools, allowing users to further refine their models. Kaedim is backed by industry leaders such as Nvidia Inception, Epic MegaGrants, Creative Destruction Lab, The Sandbox, Roblox and Valve.

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