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What is Jua?

The Jua Model is an AI-powered weather model that utilizes deep neural network learning to provide high-accuracy and high-precision weather forecasting on a global scale. Unlike traditional weather models that merge regional models, Jua Model offers a complete and end-to-end solution for weather forecasting that leverages millions of data sources and a 1 km2 spatial resolution. This results in extreme accuracy for up to 48 hours into the future, surpassing leading numerical models that can only provide accurate results for up to 12 hours. The Jua Model predicts weather changes on a 5-minute temporal resolution, up to 12 times more frequently than other forecast models. Jua Model is a 100% AI-powered weather model that does not utilize post-processed modeling such as the GFS or IFS, making it a more accurate and reliable forecasting tool. This technology opens up new use cases for a variety of industries, ranging from enterprise-scale energy procurement to improving electricity generation forecasts for electric grid providers. Researchers can collaborate with Jua.ai, and join their invite-only community of AI and meteorology researchers. The Jua Model is designed to deliver forecasts with unparalleled accuracy and precision, with a flexibility in output formats and parameters covered. Overall, the Jua Model offers a new paradigm in weather forecasting, delivering high-performance, full-scale weather modeling with a level of accuracy that was previously unimaginable.

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